Pool Heater Service

Home Energy LI services Oil, Natural Gas  or Electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters.
We DO NOT service Propane Pool Heaters.

Get a Pool Heater maintenance checkup
If your pool heater isn’t working properly, try cleaning the filter, skimmer baskets, and pump basket to see if this solves the problem. If the filter on your heater is dirty it will block the flow to the heater. (more tips…)

Pool Heater Services:upsidedn

Annual Winterization & Spring Opening Service
Summer service & repairs for oil or natural gas pool heaters..

Springtime opening service includes:
(additional repairs extra)

  • Uncover unit
  • Clean flue passageways
  • Service burner
  • Change filters
  • Check chamber
  • Check for water flow and leaks
  • Start & check operation

Winterization Service (cover additional)

  • Disable burner
  • Drain heat exchanger
  • Install plugs
  • Cover for off-season

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