Having a pool during the hot summer months is a treat unlike any other. But when the cold weather starts setting in, do you know how to properly prepare your pool for the winter? Here is a list on how to help you get ready to close the pool for the cold weather, Winterize Your Poolwithout damaging it.

  • First you want to get in contact with a pool professional, they will help you get started. This contractor will remove all the water sitting in the plumbing lines so it doesn’t freeze and risk damage. You can always drain the lines yourself, but if you have any doubt- hire a professional. In above ground pools, the lines can be disconnected and will drain on their own. For other pools you may need to buy a commercial grade vacuum to suck out any water.
  • You never want to completely drain your pool then leave it out in the cold during the winter. You risk the hydrostatic pressure popping it out of the ground or floating your liner; both leading to a complete remodel. You want to leave the same amount of water that you swim in- this fives the pool cover something to sit on. Don’t be afraid of your pool freezing, its not going to hurt your pool and most likely wont freeze all the way down. A good idea is to install a winter pill, this is a floating ball that releases chemicals to prevent any scaling or algae buildup.
  • As a pool owner, you should be carefully aware of the amount of percentages of your pool chemicals. A proper pool chemistry makes for a better winterization.
  • You want to close your pool no later than the end of October; Halloween is considered a late closing.
  • Make sure that the cover on your pool is secured tightly during the winter. This will not only keep your pool protected, but relatively clean as well.
  • Remove any detachable features your pool may have (ladders, diving boards, etc.) This will prevent any extra damages from weather changes such as snow and ice buildup.

Thank you to Angies List for the original information. You can read more here.