Choosing oil to heat your home is a far better decision than using another fuel source. However, there are two choices when it comes to choosing oil for your heating- natural gas vs. heating oil. Before making a final choice, here is a list separating fact from fiction Heating Oil vs. Natural Gasabout both fuels.

  • Heating Oil Supplies are Bountiful
    • Fact: Across the world, oil and petroleum reserves are higher than ever. The United States is not dependent on imports or any one supply source, the Northeast Heating Oil Reserve has about 2 million barrels alone (not to mention the 727 million barrels in the Strategies Petroleum Reserve.) Natural gas consumption is on the rise, and there are worries that domestic production (within the United States) will not be able to keep up with the demand. Natural gas is not renewable, and most of the world’s natural gas reserves are outside the US, meaning relying on imports is a real possibility in the future.
  • Heating Oil is More Expensive than Natural Gas
    • False: Within the last 22 years statistics show that, depending where you live, heating oil was less expensive than natural gas. Heating oil is a renewable fossil fuel, unlike its counterpart natural gas. With supply and demand making prices fluctuate, plus the drainage of natural gas reserves- the price of natural gas is bound to rise since we will have to rely on imports.
  • Heating Oil is Clean
    • Fact: Heating oil produces little to no emissions; new system technologies have also created a way to ‘re-burn’ fuel, lowering emissions even lower. A heating oil system that is properly taken care of, burns cleanly. Any soot that may form remains inside the tank.
  • Heating Oil is Easily Combustable
    • False: If you were to drop a lit match into a pool of heating oil, it would extinguish. Heating oil does not ignite/vaporize until its temperature reaches 140 degrees. It is a very safe heating solution for your home.
  • Heating Oil Systems have a Longer Life than Natural Gas
    • Fact: The average life of a heating oil system is 30 plus years if properly maintained.  the average life of a natural gas furnace is 11 to 14 years.
  • Hot Water Recovers Faster with Heating Oil
    • Fact: Hot water recovers twice as fast on a heating oil system than on a natural gas water heater, and three times as fast as an electric water heater.
  • You Are More Likely to Have Service Problems with Heating Oil
    • False: As opposed to natural gas that comes into your home through pipeline, natural gas sits in a tank inside your home. Natural gas can endanger your home if one of these pipelines get disrupted or damaged, unlike heating oil which is safely protected.

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