emergency gas service

Natural gas customers can save money by signing up for Home Energy LI’s Natural Gas Service Agreement

Our Natural Gas Service Agreements Includes:

  1. Basic service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  2. Home Energy does not provide emergency gas service.

    IF YOU SMELL GAS, you MUST leave the building immediately and go to a safe location to call your gas supplier for emergency service.

  3. Unlimited service calls for your boiler and hot water appliance During Regular Business Hours.
  4. Repair and preventative service is included, parts are extra.
  5. Yearly Preventative Maintenance including a tune-up. (see info in blue box.)

Preventative Maintenance for your natural gas heating system

View Natural Gas Tips

View our tips for good system maintenance.



For more information call 631-243-5100 or fill out the following form.

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Gas Heating System Tune-ups

Our comprehensive annual heating system tune-up is available for natural gas heating systems up to 200,000 BTU’s.

Our service includes:

  • Check for chimney blockage
  • Inspect relief valve
  • Visually inspect the flue
  • Measure air quality
  • Check safety control and pilots
  • Lubricate key components
  • Check low water cutoff or high-limit controls
  • Adjust gas/air mixture
  • Inspect water heater
  • Parts extra