Gas pool heaters are a very common way to heat your pool water and are much more efficient today than in the past. While the initial cost of set up and installation may seem expensive, there are considerable long-term savings that come with installing a gas pool gas pool heaterheater. Here are some benefits to installing a gas pool heater for your pool.


  1. Gas pool heaters are extremely efficient at warming a pool quickly. High heat created by burning natural gas in a furnace creates high heat levels that quickly bring the water in a swimming pool to the desired temperature, reducing the amount of time the heater is running.
  2. These pool heaters usually experience fewer problems with wear and tear than electric heaters. They do not need to run as much as electric heaters do to keep your water heated, resulting in less need for costly repair services.
  3. When gas and oil prices are relatively low, gas pool heaters can be a lot less expensive to operate than electric pool heat pumps. While you may need to turn on an electric heater or heat pump a couple of hours before entering the swimming pool, the gas heater can usually be turned on within 30 minutes of using the pool. This can result in considerable energy bill savings.


Although gas pool heaters don’t experience as many problems as electric heaters, you should still always call for annual maintenance and check ups on your pool!

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