Unsure if you should be heating your home with oil? Here are some benefits that can show you why its so beneficial to use heating oil in your home!Home Heating Oil

  • Efficient – According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating oil systems are 16% more efficient than gas heating systems and are 30% more efficient than electric heating systems. Oil heating consumes less fuel than gas, and oil burners produce the most efficient flame when compared to gas heating systems.
  • Environmentally Sound – New heating oil systems do not contribute to air pollution, and generate less carbon monoxide than piped gas. Heating oil burns so cleanly that it is not subject to any clean air requirements.
  • Comfortable – Families that heat their homes using oil are more comfortable during the cold winter days. The oil heat flame quickly burns at a higher temperature than those with an electric heat pump.
  • Safe – As opposed to gaseous fuels, heating oils do not have a flame unless the temperature is above 140 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature there is not enough fuel vapor to cause any sort of explosion.
  • Budget- Friendly – Consumers that use heating oil receive up to 30% more for their dollar. When measured against constant dollars, heating oil prices have actually dropped while natural gas has risen (due to pipeline and utility expenses.)

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