Things You May Have Not Known About Heating Oil

Around 18 million households in the United States use heating oil during the winter. The majority of these homes can be found in the Northeast. With heating oil being such a prevalent source of heat for many homes in the U.S., people still are unsure about it and have questions. Here is a list of facts you may not know about heating oil.

  • Heating oil is created from the refinement of crude oil; Gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel and jet fuel are also created from this process.
  • It is a very safe oil. If you were to drop a lit match into a pool of heating oil, you would expect it to combust- that is not the case. The match would extinguish as if dropped into water. In the liquid form, heating oil is non-explosive (due to its high vaporization temperature.)
  • There is a low possibility of carbon monoxide entering your home from using heating oil. Accidental inhalation of oil fumes is not fatal.
  • There is 35% more BTU’s per gallon of heating oil than natural gas.
  • Heating oil is the hottest burning oil. It will heat your home faster than any other fuel type.
  • It is 90-95% more clean than it was during the 1970’s. It’s suffer content has also been reduced 93% since the 80’s.
  • If properly maintained, new heating oil systems create no soot, dirt or odors.
  • An oil burning heating unit runs at 83-95% efficiency. On average, households use 25% less heating oil than in 1989.

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