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8 Tips To Winter-Proof Your Home

With winter being on the horizon, many people start their list of winter chores. These chores include organizing winter wardrobes and switching out the clothes in your closet, Finding the space heaters sitting in the attic/basement, Getting out the blankets and maybe even planning a winter vacation (yay skiing!) But is winter-proofing your home on the to-do list? Here is a list of 8 tips to follow to winter-proof your home this winter, which can save you both energy and money! Insulation - Having quality insulation in your ceiling prevents heat from escaping. Avoid paying high power costs by regularly checking your insulation and repairing where necessary. By having an effective layer of insulation, your home will retain heat and you will also save more money on power costs than you think. Check The Windows - Windows are also responsible for keeping in the heat during the winter. If there are any cracks in the glass, wind could potentially shatter the window creating costly damages. You want to check the glass reguarly for any cracks and also the seals around the windows. Water from storms can seep through any seal that is on its last leg. Inspect the Fireplace - If your home has an active fireplace, a professional should come and inspect it. By having a regular cleaning, you are eliminating the risk of a toxic soot and ash byproduct buildup. Pests such as mice and birds tend to make nests in chimneys during the summer months. This can create blockages too. Greenery Clean-Up - Besides cleaning your garden for the winter, cleaning up surrounding trees should also be done. By removing low lying branches, you are eliminating the risk of branches falling onto [...]

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